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Together Forever and a Q&A with the Author

Marianne Neumann has one goal in life: to find her lost younger sister, Sophie. When Together ForeverMarianne takes a job as a placing agent with the Children’s Aid Society in 1858 New York, she not only hopes to give children a better life but seeks to discover whether Sophie ended up leaving the city on an orphan train. Andrew Brady, her fellow agent on her first placing trip, is a former schoolteacher who has an easy way with the children–firm but tender and funny. Underneath his handsome charm, though, seems to linger a grief that won’t go away–and a secret from his past that he keeps hidden. As the two team up placing orphans amid small railroad towns in Illinois, they find themselves growing ever closer . . . until a shocking tragedy threatens to upend all their work and change one of their lives forever.

My Review:

Here it finally is, the next book the Jody Hedlund’s Orphan Train Series. As a fan of Hedlund’s books this one left me feeling happy, sad, excited, and counting the days until the next one comes out. When I first read that this book was going to be about the character Marianne, I was not sure if I was going to like the book, since I did not like her character in the first book. But I decided to give her the chance to change my mind and she did. Marianne grew up within the pages of this book.

Hedlund’s style of writing is excellent. She gave enough description and made the characters different from each other, especially since Andrew’s personality was a little more humorous. That made both main characters clash, because Marianne had a more serious personality. I enjoyed that part very much. Another thing about this book was that I could see it in my head. I could imagine what the characters, the train, and the towns looked like. The description was very well done.

As I kept reading the book, I knew it was going to be one of those books I had to finish and I did! The only thing that left me disappointed is that the next book, Searching for You, is not out yet. And from what I can find out, it won’t be out until December. I guess I will have to reread the two book and the novella again before that.

I highly recommend this book and this series–well the books that are out! I am looking forward to the next book as well.

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Here are some Q&As with Jody:

What do you hope readers take away from Together Forever?

I pray that in reading this story, not only will readers gain greater insights and a different perspective of the orphan train movement, but that they will also be encouraged to know God is present in their weakest moments. He doesn’t necessarily promise to give us the courage of a lion or to make everything perfect. But He does promise that His strength is available and that His power will rest upon us. Perhaps that strength will be just enough to get out of bed for another difficult day. Or perhaps it will be just enough to face the illness or hurt or heartache we bear. We can rest assured it will always be just enough. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

What are you working on next?

 I’m in the editing phase of the third and final book in the orphan train series, Searching For You, which releases in December. It wraps up the story of the Neumann sisters by finally giving long-lost Sophie her happily-ever-after. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that Reinhold Weiss also has a major role in helping Sophie as she struggles to make a new life for herself.

Do you have any parting words?

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Title: Together Forever

Author: Jody Hedlund

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group as a gift from the author.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.

Read about the the next Book!

Despite years on the run, Sophie Neumann is determined to care for two young children.Searching-For-You She won’t abandon them the way she thinks her older sisters abandoned her. But times are growing desperate, and when she falls in with the wrong crowd and witnesses a crime, she realizes fleeing 1850s New York is her only option. Disappearing with her two young charges into a group of orphans heading west by train, Sophie hopes to find safety and a happy life. When the train stops in Illinois for the first placement of orphans, Sophie faces the most difficult choice of her life. Reinhold Weiss has finally purchased his own small farm. With mounting debts, a harvest to bring in, and past scars that haunt him, he’s in no position to give his heart away . . . but can he say no when his long-lost friend shows up on a nearby train pleading for his help?


Lastly, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below! I love hearing from you as well!



Falling for You

Famously beautiful model Willow Bradford is taking a temporary break from her hectic Falling-for-Youschedule to work as the innkeeper at her family’s small-town bed-and-breakfast. She was enjoying the peace of her hometown, Merryweather, Washington, right up until she came face-to-face with Corbin Stewart, the man she loves to hate. A thoughtful rule-follower by nature, Willow threw caution to the wind four years ago when she entrusted her heart to Corbin — then suffered the consequences when it all fell apart. Former NFL quarterback Corbin is forceful, charming, and accustomed to getting what he wants . . . except where Willow Bradford is concerned. Unable to forget her, he’s never stopped regretting what happened between them. When a decades-old missing persons case brings Corbin and Willow together, they’re forced to confront their past and who they’ve become — and whether they can risk falling for one another all over again.

My Review:

This is the second installment of Becky Wade’s A Bradford Sisters Romance. I liked the first book very much, so I had really high hopes for this one. It was good but not as good as True to You. My sister, who has read all of Wade’s books, told me that this was a more typical type of story that Wade writes. This book follows Willow and Corbin. Willow is Nora’s sister (Nora is the main character from True to You). This book is filled with a little more drama, compared to the first book, because Corbin and Willow have a history together, but you don’t find out until quite far in the book. My favorite quote in the book was this, “Her sisters were inextricably linked to her. Their histories were intertwined more tightly than any braid.” Like the main character, I have sisters (three of them) and we are really close, so I like seeing that in books. Sisters always (well most of the time) understand each other.

I did not mind this book but I personally did not feel like I got attached to the main characters. For any of Wade’s fans I think you will enjoy this brand new book. Those who enjoyed her first book in this series, I think might like it. To those who are intrigued with this book, I recommend that you read the first book before this one.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I am hoping there will be a certain wedding, Hint, Hint, Nora and John’s wedding.

Before, I end this review I have to say that whoever did the covers of the two books in this series did an excellent job. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the next book.

Title: Falling for you

Author: Becky Wade

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group through Netgalley for this review.


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A Most Noble Heir

A Most Noble HeirWhen stable hand Nolan Price learns from his dying mother that he is actually the son of the Earl of Stainsby, his plans for a future with kitchen maid Hannah Burnham are shattered. Once he is officially acknowledged as the earl’s heir, Nolan will be forbidden to marry beneath his station. Unwilling to give up the girl he loves, he devises a plan to elope–believing that once their marriage is sanctioned by God, Lord Stainsby will be forced to accept their union. However, as Nolan struggles to learn the ways of the aristocracy, he finds himself caught between pleasing Hannah and living up to his father’s demanding expectations. At every turn, forces work to keep the couple apart, and a solution to remain together seems further and further away. With Nolan’s new life pulling him irrevocably away from the woman he loves, it seems only a miracle will bring them back together.

My Review:

This book is a historical type book with an interesting story about the downstairs and upstairs of the classes. The story is filled with many characters but it mostly follows Nolan Price. He is a stable hand for the earl and is almost ready to buy some land for himself and marry the girl he loves, but then his life is turned upside down when he learns he is actually the earl’s son. The drama continues when the earl forbids him to marry Hannah, Nolan’s true love. He then is left with the question: should he go against the earl’s wishes or should he follow his own heart? He is faced with many decisions like that and must choose whether to accept that he is the earl’s heir or to choose the life of a stable hand. His love for Hannah is tested over and over again throughout the book and he must learn what true love means.

The one thing in the book that I was not impressed by was actually the character Hannah. She was always crying and weeping. During the story, she was always moody. She would be like “I love you and want to be with you forever” and then the next minute she was “We need to take a break from each other.” She did that more then once, during the book. I didn’t mind it once but then it got a little old.

To be honest this was not my type of book, but if you like Downton Abbey, you might like this book. I leave it up to you to go and try it out because you might like it!


Title: A Most Noble Heir

Author: Susan Anne Mason

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group for this review.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


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A Dangerous Legacy

Page-Turning Romance and Intrigue in Award-Winning Author’s Next Historical Novel.
Lucy Drake’s mastery of Morse code has made her a valuable asset to the American news agencies as a telegrapher. But the sudden arrival of Sir Colin Beckwith at rival British news agency Reuters puts her hard-earned livelihood at risk. Newly arrived from London, Colin is talented, handsome, and insufferably charming. Despite their rivalry, Lucy realizes Colin’s connections could be just what her family needs to turn the tide of their long legal battle over the fortune they were swindled out of forty years ago. When she negotiates an unlikely alliance with him, neither of them realizes how far the web of treachery they’re wading into will take them.

a dangerous legacy

Another prime example of Elizabeth Camden’s amazing ability to draw readers into her excellent books, from the first word in the book to the last one, is A Dangerous Legacy. Plus it leaves readers giddy with the exciting news that another book is coming out! Well done, Elizabeth Camden.

I could leave this review just like that but, don’t worry, I am going to keep talking about this book. If I had been allowed to, I would have read this book in one sitting but I did it in two. I was just glad it was the weekend so I was able to. Lucy was a great main character and so was Colin (Just read his description on the back cover and you will understand why). Camden’s book (all of her books) is descriptive, has historical content, and is very well written.

So they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but honestly, don’t you look at the front covers of books? Well I did that with this novel, and when Elizabeth Camden posted the cover, I knew I was going to read this book.

This book is very good and I highly recommend A Dangerous Legacy.


Title: A Dangerous Legacy

Author and her website: Elizabeth Camden

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group for this review.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


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Oh, there is more! A Daring Venture, Camden’s next book, will be featuring Lucy’s brother, Nick. And here is a sneak peak for the next book!

Dr. Rosalind Werner is at the forefront of a groundbreaking new water technology–if only she can get support for her work. Nickolas Drake, Commissioner of Water for New York, is skeptical–and surprised by his reaction to Rosalind. While they fight against their own attraction, they stand on opposite sides of a battle that will impact thousands of lives.


The Promise of Dawn

When Signe, her husband, Rune, and their three boys arrive in Minnesota from Norway to help a relative clear his land of lumber, they dream of owning their own farm and building a life in the New World. But Uncle Einar and Aunt Gird are hard, demanding people, and Signe and her family soon find themselves worked nearly to the bone in order to repay the cost of their voyage. At this rate, they will never have land or a life of their own. Signe tries to trust God but struggles with anger and bitterness. She has left behind the only life she knew, and while it wasn’t an easy life, it wasn’t as hard as what she now faces. When a new addition to the family arrives, Signe begins to see how God has been watching over them throughout their ordeal. But after all that has happened, can she still believe in the promise of a bright future?

The Promise of Dawn

So, let’s talk about this book. This is the first Lauraine Snelling book I have read and it is also the first book in her brand new series Under Northern Skies. This book has been sitting on my nightstand for a couple weeks now because I could not get into the story. Finally, two nights ago, I picked it up again and started afresh. Guess what? I actually finished it last night, and I enjoyed the whole book.

Snelling wrote this story in the way that I, as the reader could almost feel as if I was Signe. Snelling described the hardships and heartaches of moving to the unknown to a tee. When I was reading this book, I kept thinking about what I would have done in Signe’s place. Would I have moved to the unknown, knowing that I would never see my family again. This book reminded me of my ancestral heritage and it gave me a picture of what it must have been like to leave everything behind to start a new life in the great unknown. This book is a great example of a well written book. It was intriguing, well written, it flowed from one page to the next, and it painted a vivid picture of the characters, thoughts, and actions.

If you are wanting to read this book, then I do have to mention one thing about the author’s writing style. She does write the book using the dialect of the Norwegian people and when reading this I could almost hear them talking like that. All of their names where also like that but once I knew who was who, I was fine.

Despite the sad parts of this book, the story was very good. It is a beautifully written story about those who gave up everything to settle the great unknown. I would recommend this book and am looking forward to reading more of Lauraine Snelling’s books.

Title: The Promise of Dawn

Author and her Website: Lauraine Snelling

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group for this review.


This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.

An Inconvenient Beauty

Griffith, Duke of Riverton, likes order, logic, and control, and he naturally applies this rational approach to his search for a bride. He’s certain Miss Frederica St. Claire is the perfect wife for him, but while Frederica is strangely elusive, he can’t seem to stop running into her stunningly beautiful cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge. Isabella should be enjoying her society debut, but with her family in difficult circumstances, her uncle will only help them if she’ll use her beauty to assist him in his political aims. Already uncomfortable with this agreement, the more she comes to know Griffith, the more she wishes to be free of her unfortunate obligation. Will Griffith and Isabella be able to set aside their pride and face their fears in time to find their own happily-ever-after?

An Inconvenient Beauty

I have been waiting for this book to be published since Kristi Ann Hunter’s first book came out. I enjoyed this book very much. Really, I did. I sat and read this book within a few days. It is a good thing that it is Labor Day weekend or I would not have done any of my homework. After reading the last page, I wanted to go and get the first book and reread the series. I have not read the second book, yet, but I will soon.

So back to the book. Griffith’s story was worth waiting for and very good. It did not push A Noble Masqueradeahead into first place against A Noble Masquerade but it was a close race. I liked Isabella as a leading female character. The plot of the story was fun. The one fault I was not a fan of was the description of Griffith. In my opinion he was not a huge guy. Other than that I liked the story. I was sad that it ended. In my own opinion, Kristi Ann Hunter should continue with the Hawthorne House Series. Frederica’s story should be written, at least in a novella, because she needs her happy ending. Oh, and what about Miranda’s baby? Hunter should  include that in a short novella.

Off the subject, Bethany House did a good job making the front covers of most of Hunter’s books. The only one I am not a fan of is An Uncommon Courtship but all the rest are very pretty.

A Noble MasqueradeA Lady of Esteem PicAn Elegant Facade.jpgan-uncommon-courtship-pictureAn Inconvenient Beauty

So summing up this review, I would recommend this book. It was an excellent way to end this cute series. 


Title: An Inconvenient Beauty

Author: Kristi Ann Hunter

Author’s Website: http://www.kristiannhunter.com/

Reading Resolution 10: Read a book set in a different country.

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group through Netgalley for this review.


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This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.

Heart on the Line

Grace Mallory is tired of running, of hiding. But when an old friend sends an after-hours telegraph transmission warning Grace that the man who has hunted her for nearly a year has discovered her location, she fears she has no choice. She can’t let the villain she believes responsible for her father’s death release his wrath in Harper’s Station, the town that has sheltered her and blessed her with the dearest friends she’s ever known.
Amos Bledsoe prefers bicycles to horses and private conversations over the telegraph wire to social gatherings with young ladies who see him as nothing more than an oddity. His telegraph companion, the mysterious Miss G, listens eagerly to his ramblings every night and delights him with tales all her own. For months, their friendship–dare he believe, courtship?–has fed his hope that he has finally found the woman God intended for him. Yet when he takes the next step to meet her in person, he discovers her life is in peril, and Amos must decide if he can shed the cocoon of his quiet nature to become the hero Grace requires.

Heart on the Line

This is the first book I have read from this author and I really enjoyed it. I have been wanting to read some of Karen Witemeyer’s books for a while and when this book came, I was very happy. I was not disappointed.

Heart on the Line is a good book filled with adventure and romance set in the time of Pinkerton agents, sheriffs, and telegraph operators. Grace and Amos were great main characters. This book was set in the west but it was actually fun to have main male character not being a cowboy. He was a telegraph operator who would rather ride a bicycle than a horse. I would say it shows that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The whole plot was exciting and intriguing.

The one downfall of this book, for me, was I had hoped for more about the character Helen. I liked her character. In my opinion her story would make an interesting book, especially if Lee was in the book.

I recommend this book and cannot wait to read more of Karen Witemeyer’s books.

Have you read any of Karen Witemeyer’s books and if so what one would you recommend?


Title: Heart on the Line

Author: Karen Witemeyer

Author’s Website: http://www.karenwitemeyer.com/index.html

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group for this review.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.