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Deadly Proof

In the biggest case of her career, attorney Kate Sullivan is tapped as lead counsel to take on Mason Pharmaceutical because of a corporate cover-up related to its newest drug. After a whistleblower dies, Kate knows the stakes are much higher than her other lawsuits. Former Army Ranger turned private investigator Landon James is still haunted by mistakes made while serving overseas. Trying to forget the past, he is hired by Kate to look into the whistleblower’s allegation and soon suspects that the company may be engaging in a dangerous game for profit. He also soon finds himself falling for this passionate and earnest young lawyer. Determined not to make the same mistakes, he’s intent on keeping Kate safe, but as the case deepens, it appears someone is willing to risk everything–even murder–to keep the case from going to trial.

Deadly Proof

Wow! I thought I would not like this book but I was totally wrong. Filled with mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of romance, Rachel Dylan had me holding my breath, when I was reading this book. When I started reading this book, I thought it was going to be filled with to much “lawyer talk” but I was able to read and understand all of it.

Kate was a great main character, who played her part very nicely. With her soft spoken ways and kind heart she ruled the courtroom. Landon, the private investigator/ex Army Ranger, was just what this book needed to keep those who like a little romance in the books (like me) interested in the book. Don’t get me wrong, I liked all the other aspects of the book too. I actually did not know who the “bad” guy was until it played out in the book. I just assumed  it was the one Kate thought is was in the book, but no, Rachel Dylan surprised me.

After reading the book, I went and looked at the author bio and saw that Rachel Dylan is from Michigan. As a fellow Michigander, I am very happy that there is another good author from the Mitten state.

So, to conclude this review, I recommend this book. It was a great read and I am looking forward to reading more by this author.



Title: Deadly Proof

Author and her website: Rachel Dylan

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group for this review.

Reading Resolution 35; Read a book from a genre that you typically do not read.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


Interested in this series? The next book, Lone Witness, should be hitting the shelves in May of 2018.


True to You

After a devastating heartbreak three years ago, genealogist and historical village owner Nora Bradford decided that burying her nose in her work and her books is far safer than romance in the here and now. Unlike Nora, former Navy SEAL John Lawson is a modern-day man, usually 100 percent focused on the present. However, when John, an adoptee, is diagnosed with an inherited condition, he’s forced to dig into the secrets of his ancestry. John enlists Nora’s help to uncover the identity of his birth mother, and as they work side-by-side, this pair of opposites begins to suspect that they just might be a perfect match.  But can their hope for a future survive their wounds from the past?

True to You

So, the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is something I do not follow. As soon has this book cover and the back of the book was released, I put this on my to read list. This is my first Becky Wade book that I have tried and I liked it. The main female lead Nora was very well written. Wade made her so realistic—to me at least. When I was reading this book, I kept thinking “I am just like her, except I do not have a handsome Navy SEAL.” I loved this quote: “She was bookish! She had no experience with holding eye contact with Navy SEALs. All the practice she put in with Mr. Darcy and Rochester and Adolphus didn’t seem to be holding her in good stead.” There were many other quotes in the book that were just as humorous. Within the first few chapters, Wade has her main female lead mention Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Richard Armitage has Mr. Thornton. That is when I knew the book was good.

The huge downfall is that there is not another book in this series published yet. I will be reading the next book as soon as it is released.

This book has its good parts, its sad parts, its romantic parts and its ups and downs but it had me reading way into the night. I would highly recommend this book to mature readers since it deals with sensitive issues that happens to each of their mothers. Since this is my first Becky Wade book, I am very pleased with my first impression of her books and am looking forward to seeing what comes out next!


Title: True to You

Author: Becky Wade

Author’s Website: http://beckywade.com/home/

I received this book from the Bethany House Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group and Netgalley for this review.

Reading Resolution 55: Read a book that has a cover with your favorite color.

Reason Why: The girl on the cover is in a blue dress and to be honest dresses are my weakness.  So, I am using this book for this resolution because blue is one of my favorite colors (I have many favorite colors) and the girl is in a blue dress.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.