I Dreamed I was a Ballerina

Every girl remembers her first trip to the ballet: the anticipation beforehand, the orchestra’s first notes, the ethereal beauty of the ballerinas. This is a tale of one such girl who was caught up in ballet’s mesmerizing spell and became one of the greatest ballerinas of all time.

In a story drawn from her memoirs, Anna Pavlova describes her first visit to the ballet to see the Sleeping Beauty. With simple, childlike language, she captures her love for her mother, the splendor of the ballet, and the moments that changed her life. The words are matched with paintings, pastels, and drawings of the French Impressionist Edgar Degas, to give this story all the magic of a fairytale.


I Dreamed I was a Ballerina

I recently found this book at a used book store and was very excited to rescue it. I read this book when I was a little girl and loved it. I read through it again and remembered why. The illustrations are beautiful. The picture below is an example of one of the pages in this book. This story is an excellent story about a young girl’s dream of dancing not knowing that she would become known as a very famous ballerina.


Title: I Dreamed I was a Ballerina

A girlhood story by Anna Pavlova

Illustrated with art by Edgar Degas

Reading Resolution 6: Read a book that you read when you were a child.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


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