The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

Ranger's Apprentice Series Pic

I would highly recommend this series to any one looking for an adventure. All twelve books are excellent and have a great story and plot. Let me assure you, twelve books may seem like a lot but once you get pulled into the story of Will, the young ranger’s apprentice, you will enjoy every book until the end of book twelve.

The series follows Will, a young boy (don’t worry, he grows up throughout the series), his friends, and the famous Halt, a mysterious ranger. Will travels the length of Araluen, his home country; to Skandia, the home of the Skandians; and to many other kingdoms during his time as a ranger’s apprentice as well as a ranger.

John Flanagan is an excellent author, and I hope that you will pick up the first book in this series to see if I am correct in saying that this series is remarkable.

For more information on this series see John Flanagan’s website below.

Series: Ranger’s Apprentice

Author: John Flanagan

Author’s Website:

I have also listened to this series on CD and would also recommend those as well. The reader, John Keating, did an amazing job narrating the books.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


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