When Calls the Heart

Nothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier. Yet, despite the constant hardships, she loves the children in her care. Determined to do the best job she can and fighting to survive the harsh land, Elizabeth is surprised to find her heart softening towards a certain member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Book 1 of the bestselling Canadian West series.

When Calls the Heart Pic

When Calls the Heart is a very good story. It is about a city girl who travels to the Canadian West, a rugged area compared to the city, to teach school. Filled with coyotes, a stove fire, and a man who ends up being a Mountie, this story is sure to delight any reader. I fell in love with this book a few years back and still pick it up when I need a good book to read. But after reading the first book I always end up re-reading the next three books.

This Series is one of Janette Oke’s best series. I personally like the first four books in the Canadian West Series but the others are not bad. Return to the Canadian West is the series the Hallmark TV show, When Calls the Heart, is based of off and to be perfectly truthful I like the TV show a lot better!

I would recommend this story or series to anyone and everyone.

Canadian West Series by Janette Oke

When Calls the Heart

            When Comes the Spring

            When Breaks the Dawn

            When Hope Springs New

            Beyond the Gathering Storm

            When Tomorrow Comes

Return to the Canadian West by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

Where Courage Calls

            Where Trust Lies

As well as these books, Janette Oke has plenty of more great reads.

This review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.


4 thoughts on “When Calls the Heart

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  2. I’ve never read this one, but it sounds good!
    The weird thing about it is that it has the same picture on the cover as Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss. Do you have any idea why that is?? I’ve been wondering… 🙂


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