A Choice Not an Echo

Fifty years ago, Phyllis Schlafly revealed how the GOP “kingmakers,” using every trick in the book, “dictated the choice of the Republican presidential nominee just as completely as the Paris dressmakers controlled the length of woman’s skirts.” Their objection was to maintain control of a Republican Party that would echo the New Deal Democrats rather than offer voters a meaningful choice. Within a few months, over three million copies of A Choice Not an Echo had been sold, Barry Goldwater was the Republican nominee for president, and Phyllis Schalfy was on her way to becoming one of the most important conservatives in American history. The party establishment was bloodied in the battle of 1964 but not vanquished. In the updated and expanded edition, Mrs. Schlafly continues her insider’s story of the fight for the soul of the Republican Party. From the Silent Majority to the Tea Party, conservative insurgents have won a few and lost a few more. But the stakes have never been higher than today. Amazingly timeless, A Choice Not an Echo remains the essential political guide for the friends of freedom.  

A Choice not an Echo picture

For being someone who enjoys reading about American history, I was shocked to read this book and see the corruption that has gone on in the game of politics for many years. The book starts with the Johnson administration and ends with the beginning of the 2016 presidential race (if reading the updated edition). Phyllis Schlafly brings the reader’s attention to the kingmakers. These were famous rich men that controlled the Republican Party without the Republicans even knowing, until Schlafly wrote her book, A Choice Not an Echo, in 1964. These men chose who they wanted nominated and did everything in their power to get the candidate they disliked out of the race. Instead of the Hunger Games this was the Political Game. It showed that each choice these men made affected the presidential races that came after.

I personally would recommended this book to anyone, whether they dislike politics or enjoy it. For anyone who wants to read this book, I would suggest looking at the years that Phyllis Schlafly discusses and research the president and other country dictators of that time. Without knowing who they were could be a little confusing because Schlafly refers to them often in her book. This book was a real eye-opener for me.

Title: A Choice Not an Echo
Author: Phyllis Schlafly
Author’s Website: http://www.phyllisschlafly.com/
The review is written in my own words and is my honest opinion.



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